Absolute Flight Services: Your Guide to Flying Well

Packing Properly

Pack Light

Packing light can be done even for the longest of trips. If you’re taking a short trip, packing light can be easy because you can probably just bring a carry-on item and need only one bag for all your stuff. But even if you’re taking a longer trip, consider just bringing clothes for a few days and then doing laundry while you’re gone. You don’t need to bring your entire wardrobe to be prepared on a trip. You don’t even need as many options as you think you need. My wife and daughters always think they need to pack extra clothes and clothes for every season just so they have the options while they’re gone. The funny thing is, they never end up needing those options. They wear the same thing regardless. Pack enough clothes and shoes for a few days, and then do laundry to save yourself space.

Packing light also means to literally pack lightweight things. Try not to bring big heavy items, like big books and heavy shoes in your bag. It’s not a big deal if you do, but it’ll be a lot easier to carry—and you’ll fit more items—if you avoid the bulky things.

Be Unique

This is an interesting one. It’s not crucial to your luggage experience, but it’s helped a lot of people. When you buy your luggage, try to buy a suitcase that is unlike many others. Many people buy a plain black or gray suitcase that’s about a carry-on size. While this is a perfectly sensible piece of luggage, everyone else thinks so too. So there have been many mix-ups at the baggage claim when seven people have practically the same suitcase to look for and two or three tags have been torn off during the flight. It’s not incredibly common, but it’s common enough that you should consider buying a unique suitcase. That way, when you’re searching at the baggage claim, you’ll know immediately when yours is up and not get it mixed up with someone else’s bag.

Avoid Checking a Bag

If you can, avoid checking a bag at all when you travel. Some trips are longer, of course, and will require you to bring more luggage than just a carry-on item. But if you’re taking a weekend trip or something short, consider taking just a carry-on item and calling it good. This is a form of packing light that will save you time at the airport. Not only will you avoid the line at the beginning of the trip checking your bag, you’ll also avoid having to stop by the baggage claim on the other end.